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The United States Strongly Condemns the Russian Missile Attack Against Odesa


The United States strongly condemns the Russian missile attack on the Ukrainian port of Odesa today. Just 24 hours after finalizing a deal to allow the resumption of

Ukrainian agricultural exports through the Black Sea, Russia breached its commitments by attacking the historic port from which grain and agricultural exports would again be transported under this arrangement. The Kremlin continues to show disregard for the safety and security of millions of civilians as it perpetuates its assault on Ukraine. Russia is starving Ukraine of its economic vitality and the world of its food supply through the effective blockade of the Black Sea.

This attack casts serious doubt on the credibility of Russia’s commitment to yesterday’s deal and undermines the work of the UN, Turkey, and Ukraine to get critical food to world markets. Russia bears responsibility for deepening the global food crisis and must stop its aggression and fully implement the deal to which it has agreed. Photo by Investigatio, Wikimedia commons.


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