Trump and GOP Reportedly Raise Over $65.6 Million in March

Former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party announced on Wednesday that they had raised more than $65.6 million in March, marking a significant increase as Trump

solidified his position as the presumptive nominee and implemented new party leadership.

With $93.1 million in their campaign coffers by the end of March, Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC) are intensifying their fundraising efforts to narrow the gap with President Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Susie Wiles, a senior advisor to Trump's campaign, attributed the success to the overwhelming support for the former president among voters across the political spectrum. She emphasized that Trump's campaign relies on donations from ordinary voters who form the backbone of the nation.

While Biden and the Democratic National Committee have not disclosed their fundraising numbers for March, they reported raising $53 million in February and closing the month with $155 million in cash reserves. Biden recently hosted a fundraiser in New York City with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, raising a record $26 million.

Donald Trump's campaign faced criticism from challenger Ammar Moussa, who accused him of prioritizing meetings with billionaire special interests over engaging grassroots donors. However, the new RNC chairman, Michael Whatley, hailed Trump's fundraising efforts, describing them as a "juggernaut" among Republicans.

Trump's recent appointments at the RNC, including Lara Trump as a key figure, signal a concerted effort to strengthen fundraising activities. The joint fundraising agreement between Trump's campaign and the RNC allows for higher contribution limits, enabling donors to contribute significantly more than the individual maximum donation.

As Trump gears up for a high-dollar fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida, his fundraising strategy aims to surpass Biden's fundraising event. The new fundraising agreement directs donations to prioritize Trump's campaign and Save America before distributing funds to the RNC and state parties.

Despite the hefty expenses incurred during the fundraising battle, Trump's campaign remains confident in its ability to mobilize financial support and secure victory in the upcoming election. Photo by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, Wikimedia commons.

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