U.S. Chamber Opposes Antitrust Bills Aimed at Specific Companies

The following statement can be attributed to Neil Bradley, executive vice president and chief policy officer, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, regarding bills introduced today in the House Judiciary

Committee. “Bills that target specific companies, instead of focusing on business practices, are simply bad policy and are fundamentally unfair and could be ruled unconstitutional. Further, efforts made by these bills to use antitrust law to supplant the role of regulation are equally misguided.”

“There are real policy debates around the digital nature of today’s economy. However, the issues require thoughtful conversation and viable solutions, not targeted attacks. Antitrust has a role to play, but its role is limited. Antitrust laws should not be asked to address all manner of concerns. For these reasons, the Chamber strongly opposes the approach these bills take.”

“Our antitrust laws should continue to be a law of general application, appropriately guided by the consumer welfare standard and the rule of reason. It is equally important that the antitrust law be enforced and the agencies have the resources necessary to do so. For these reasons the Chamber supports efforts to grant the agencies additional resources to support appropriate enforcement.” Photo by Almonroth, Wikimedia commons.


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